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RockHill Hotels

1. Project Definition
During the initial phases of the hotel development process, our team will assist with establishing optimal project programs. 

2. Consultant Selection
Establishing a superior team of professionals is essential to success and our design partners will help guide this effort. 

3. Space Planning & Design
Our experienced design experts work with your team to develop space and operational relationships. 

4. Interior Design
Your property should look just as great as it functions and we offer interior design assistance with a focus on cost-effectiveness. 

5. Engineering System Selection
We’ll provide information on sustainable system solutions, to continually improve the performance and energy-efficiency of your property. 

6. FFE/OSE Specification & Procurement
Whether you’re refurbishing or building a new property, we can assist with identifying durable, cost-effective product solutions. 

7. Construction & Fit-Out
Our Project Directors are there to support the timely progress of your project and help you ensure workmanship. 

8. Handover to Operations
From inception to opening, our team ensures your property will transition smoothly to operations, meeting and exceeding all of our guests' expectations.